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DOTM May 2009

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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summertime Fun Beach Pawty!

On Sunday, July 6th, early in the morning, several pups began gathering at the beach to start pawtying the whole day long!
First to arrive were Maya and Kena, and a few minutes later was Toto. They were the only ones there fur a while. So Toto began barking out loud to wake up the others if they were sleeping.

Not long after came Tyler and Missy. But they weren't asleep. It just took them a while to get across the Atlantic Ocean. BOL!

Toto started serving drinks from the bar.

And that's when Kena took a.... Pawtini!!!

She chugged it down and soon after collapsed. So the other pups laid her down on a lounging chair.

The other pups still wouldn't show up, and Toto found these boys who were willing to help us out:

And those boys really did help!! After a few shouts from them, Dylan arrived, and not long after, Zoee showed up.

Toto hired a DJ to play some tunes that he and Tyler brought.

And then, as the pawty was finally getting some more pups, T-Bone came with some BBQ Chicken and Pup Colada. And Emma stopped by to let everydoggy know that she and Eleanor wouldn't be able to join the pawty because Emma had an awful stomach flu. So we all wished her a fast recovery. We hope you're much better now Emma!

More pups arrived!! Coco and Mr. Barney!!

Toto all of a sudden came up with a terrierific plan:

"Guys, come on here before Kena wakes up!
***Toto starts wishpering a plan***
Let's help Kena and wake her up. We'll all take her in our arms and put her in the water. Anyway she has her swimsuit on. Huh? What do ya say?"

Reba, Teddy, and Bonzer had arrived just in time fur the plan to take place!! BOL!

Maya had to leave fur a while, so before the plan was taken into action, Reba starting taking entries fur the Beach Blanket Bingo.

And as soon as Maya returned.. "Mission: Throw Kena in the water" begun.

The pups counted down... and then SPLASH!

BOL!! Kena woke up of course.. and she wasn't too happy! But luckily fur the other pups she had to go. BOL!

Bonzer had to leave fur a while too. And while he was gone, the other pups devised another plan to throw Bonzer in... wearing a speedo!!

And when Bonzer came back, Maya distracted Bonzer from Toto, who was planning the great "plan", by saying it was time to build sandcastles!!

And right when Bonzer was getting into the spirit of sandcastle-building, Toto counted 1... 2... 3... (the other pups rushed behind Bonzer).... and SPLASH!

Miss Molly arrived at the perfect time and distracted Bonzer when he was gonna get back at everyone who threw him in. Wheww!! Close one!

Then everyone ran over to the slide that Bonzer brought. Weeee!!!

That's where Bonzer found out that he had been videotaped when he was shopping fur waterslides. Maya must have been curious as to what slide he'd bring!


Then, Toto suggested everydoggy go seashell hunting, which was REALLY fun!!

Bonzer got so into collecting seashells, that in order to get as many different ones as he could, he secretly traded one of his with one of Reba's when she wasn't looking.

Reba was busy announcing the pup who won the drawing fur the Big Kahuna, and that was Rickie Roo!

But when she went back to her pile of seashells, she barked: "This isn't MY seashell!"

However, most of the other pups were howling: "All Hail Rickie Roo!"

Reba wouldn't give up though.

"Bonzie, that seashell you got looks an aweful lot like the one I found..."-Reba

"Well, isn't that a coincidence that my shell looks like the one you had Reba? *hee hee*"-Bonzer

"Gimme back my shell Bonzie! I'll cry"-Reba

***Toto went and wishpered to Reba***
"Bonzie changed his shell with yours, but don't tell him I told you"-Toto

"EVERYDOGGY! Gather at the port! We have a ride awaiting us..."-Kena

"OK Reba, here ya go Geez, grrrls cry about the smallest things *Bonzie mutters* "-Bonzer

*Dylan sneaks up and takes all bonzers shells,while his mom gets dishpan hands*
"here ya go reba!"-Dylan


"I don't wanna sit by Bonzer, I'm mad at him."-Reba

"BOL Dylan!! Oh no!! Our ride is leaving!! C'mon everydoggy! Quickly!! Jump on!!"-Kena
*everyone jumped on and the speed boat started*

"BOL Dylan!"-Zoee

"OMD!! What are Rickie Roo and Maya doing in the front of the boat!! *tries reaching for Rickie Roo's leg* I.. can't.... reach... them!!"-Kena

"waaaaaaaa weeeeeeeeeee"-Dylan

"A speedboat... WOW, THIS IS FUN............"-Zoee

"WooooHoooooooooooo! GrrrrrrrREAT ride!"-Dylan
*weaves over to Dylan and gives him a kiss on the cheek*

"Hey this fun!"-Miss Molly

"Big Kahuna up front!"-Reba

"C'mon Reba, I'll be good.....Congratulations to ya Ricky Roo! "-Bonzer

Just then, Winston and his family arrived at the beach, so Toto drove the speedboat back to the port and picked them up.

But when the boat was right next to the beach, Bonzer pushed Dylan off and buried him in the sand. Maya jumped off the boat and started digging fur Dylan.

Bonzer was in the joking mood that day, because right after Maya had finished helping Dylan out of the sand, Bonzer teased: "What's that Dylan? You say you want to be thrown in the water?"

Maya noticed where Bonzer was going and wanted to be part of the fun: "Bonzer.. I think I also heard that... what do you say?"

Meanwhile, most of the other pups where hanging out with Rickie Roo, who had brought Ice Cold Frosty Paws to enjoy! Reba even said: "Hail Rickie Roo the Big Kahuna! who bears gifts of Ice Cream!" And PJ Pupp had also brought along a frisbee to play with!

"I just heard Dylan say he wanted to be thrown in the water again so I say we oblige him!"-Bonzer

"So Bonzer... what color speedo where you thinking fur this next "plan"? Pink?"-Maya

"Pink polka dot bikini fur Dylan!"-Bonzer

"You o'kay Dylan? Bonzer why are you being such a beach bully?"-Reba


"Reba, Bonzie is never a bully...."-Zoee

"yay I`m ok." *shakes sand outta his ears*-Dylan

"You!! *points at Bonzer* maybe it's too much sun...."-Reba

"Ready Bonzer? 1....."-Maya




"and throw Dylan in there!"-Maya

"that's mean...." *trying to hold laughter in*-Reba

"BOL! Aaaaaawwwww Dylan ...I must say, you look cute in pink.."-Zoee

*Maya runs up to Dylan* "That was an awesome dive Dylan!!
You know it's just a joke right? I mean... Kena and Bonzer had to go through the same thing. BOL!
We're still cool, right?"-Maya

*shakes water all over bonzer* "ya at least it wasnt deep"-Bonzer

*Maya runs to Dylan with towel* "Sorry if I hurt your feelings or anything... we're just playing with ya!"-Maya

"Dylan- you look mighty fetching in pink!" *Bonzie snickers*-Bonzer

Right at that time, Reba asked: "Are we ready to find out what we won on Beach Blanket Bingo?"

And so Reba revealed the Beach Blanket Bingo Squares with the prizes:

And as the day was coming to a close, Bonzer ran up to Reba and handed her a dogarita. "Here ya go Reba.... a nice dogarita fur you."

"Thank you Bonzie" *gives a kiss on the cheek*-Reba

"Those are great prizes Reba, thanks!"-Bonzer

"couldn't have done it without you Bonz"-Reba

"Aww..shucks Reba *Bonzie scuffs the sand with a paw* it was my pleasure"-Bonzer

"ya big lumox!" *tweeks bonzies ear*-Dylan

"I'll get you Dylan *Bonzie scratches out after Dylan sending sand flying*-Bonzer

At that time, everyone was sharing the prizes they got.

"Yay i got some tasty bones Thanks Reba!"-Teddy

"wow, I got a weener!!! yum"-Dylan

"Our family got some great bingo prizes!

Gigi got a hotdog,
Winston Got a ladybug
Rickie Roo got a rose
and I got a bone!"- PJpupp

And before everydoggy left to turn in fur the day, one last pic was taken. "Say ALOHA!"

The next day, some pups who weren't able to make it came over to the beach to play with the pups who were still there. They also got to eat all the leftovers! YUM!!!

Madison was one of the pups who went that day (the others were Toto, Zoee, Miss Molly Sadie, Emma, Gigi, and Tyler, but they all came at different times), and she and Maya relaxed on the beach.

It was such a great pawty!! But what made it special is being altogether as a group!


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