DOTM May 2009

DOTM May 2009

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Friday, November 23, 2007

The Thanksgiving Feast went GREAT!

Thank you to all the doggies who joined us this Thanksgiving to celebrate! The party was a hit and everyone had so much fun!

The party was located in these BEAUTIFUL woods in a big yet cozy cabin. Maya and Kena were the first to arrive so that they could start setting up.

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Not long after, Molly, Jake, and Dylan arrived with their special, homemade dressing.

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All the administrators except Buster had arrived, so Molly called his cell phone.
"Hey Buster, are you almost here?" Molly asked.
"Yes, there was some traffic on the highway I took, but I'm almost there! Oh! And I saw a few of the party guests on their way, so get ready!" Buster answered.

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A few minutes before the guests arrived, Fancy arrived. Fancy works at ~~~Fancypants Cafe~~~ on Dogster, and she was kind enough to help us with the dinner. She was going to cater fur us and she came up with the delicious choices of food. (You can see the menu at

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As soon as all the guests arrived, we sat down at the dinner table.
But before we began eating, Butchy and Snickers proposed we do something special first.
"Snickers and I have an idea," said Butchy.
"Before we devour into this DELICIOUS-looking meal, I say we go around the table and say what we are thankful for." proposed Snickers.

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Everyone thought this was a great idea, so we went around the table saying thanks for something each one of us thought was special. Some doggies decided to say their thanks in their hearts, while some said it aloud.
"I am thankful fur all the good people in the world who are helping stop animal abuse!" said Kena.
"I'm thankful fur my home with a big wonderful family to pet and feed me." said Buster.
"I'm thankful fur all my doggie friends, my mommy cause she loves me lots, and my two big brothers." said Molly.
"I'm thankful fur my loving humans! They're the bestest!!" said Maya.
"I'm thankful for a little peace and quiet! That means.. no little sister bugging me." said Jake, and some doggies laughed.
"I'm thankful that my Mama & Papa & Snickers rescued me!" said Butchy.
"I'm thankful for my family .... and turkey!!! " said Dylan.
"I'm thankful for my mum who does her best for me and Missy" said Tyler.
"I'm thankful for all my Dogster friends" said Missy, and everyone smiled big grins.
"And I'm thankful for my mom who never lets her chronic illness or recently injured knee prevent her from taking the best care of me!" said Esperanza.

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After the scrumptious meal, along with dessert, the fun began. First, there was a short dance, where everyone boogied like never before!

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Then, there was a game of Pin the tail on the Turkey.

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"I've never had so much fun before!!" said Kena.
Everyone agreed.
"Well, I hear there might be something similar for Christmas! I hope so!" said Maya.
The feast ended late at night, but that didn't matter, everyone had had the time of their lives!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Everyone is invited to a Thanksgiving Feast!

Hi there everydoggy!
It's almost Thanksgiving and Dogs UNLEASHED is going to have a Thanksgiving feast!!! You are all invited and you can see the invitation at the top of this page.

There will be a delicious dinner and some fun and games as well! All you have to do is RSVP by posting a comment here with your names and what you're thankful fur and we'll take care of the rest. After the feast, pictures will be posted on here!

Hope to see you there!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Butchy on his holiday at Dogs UNLEASHED! Inn

Congratulations to Butchy, who won the Dogs UNLEASHED! Inn Holiday Getaway contest!
We managed to take some pics of him enjoying his stay!

Here's Butchy, taking the plane straight to Dogs UNLEASHED Inn! As you can see, the plane is VERY fancy, specially designed for the comfort of our guests.

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Here's Butchy at the famous entrance of the resort.

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Upon arriving, the staff showed him to his suite, which was a PLATINUM premium one!

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And after a long day of traveling, he decided to refresh himself by going to the official Dogs UNLEASHED! Inn restaurant and ordering a cool, tropical drink.

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We hope you enjoyed your stay, Butchy!
Best regards,
Maya and Molly

Howlloween Party Contest Winners!

And the winners for Dogs UNLEASHED!'s 2007 Howlloween Party Contest are:

1st place- Caffrey

2nd place- Snickers

3rd place- Butchy

Honorable Mentions - Jayden, Baby Jessie, Tia, Misha, Bailey & Dylan

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Congratulations Caffrey Snickers and Butchy! Hope you had a pawsome Howlloween!