DOTM May 2009

DOTM May 2009

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Get-Together!

Hey pups!
On Christmas Eve, we had a pawsome reunion with all the pups who signed up to have a night to remember with Dogs UNLEASHED! The group consisted of Molly, Jake, Dylan, Missy, Tyler, Buster, Kena, and Maya.

The fun began at one of Dogs UNLEASHED!'s Resorts in a room that the group rented to have a delicious holiday dinner. Everyone looked FABULOUS!

After about an hour of dining on delicious foods and lots of socializing, it was time to depart to.......THE NORTH POLE!!! What better place to be on Christmas than where the holiday spirit is at it's maximum size! We took the North Pole Express and had a good time during the trip. In the train, everyone was singing Christmas carols and having a jolly time!

In about 1/2 an hour, we arrived at our destination. Of course, the train had used magic to get there (the magic was powered by the Christmas spirit aboard on the train, which meant that the more people that sang Christmas carols, or were nicer and kinder to each other, the faster we'd get there), otherwise it would have taken us more than a day!

The North Pole was amazing!!! The elves gave us a great tour of the place and how it all worked. We got to see the toy workshop, Mrs. Claus's kitchen (we even got to bake gingerbread houses), and the reindeer barn. After a while, they let us take a 1/2 hour break, in which we were free to go anywhere we wanted to. The boys went to go play a snowball fight, and Missy wanted to go check out the toy factory again, where she got to make her own chew toy!! Lucky! And meanwhile, Molly, Kena, and Maya, walked farther into the snow and saw the beautiful scenery. They went into a cave with beautiful icicles and they could see snowflakes flying into the cave from outside. They danced their happiness dance and admitted that this was going to be a Christmas to remember fur the rest of their lives!

After the break, we came back and the elf who was showing us around said it was time to meet someone very special. We had a feeling we knew who that person was. And sure enough, Santa Paws came out of his house to greet us all, spreading his paws out to hug us all. "Woof woof woof!! Merry Christmas!!!" he said to us. We got to go on a short sleigh ride since he was almost going to leave, and we got to see the whole North Pole! We could not have asked fur a better day!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!