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DOTM May 2009

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Monday, December 31, 2007

~New Year's Celebration Party!!~

On December 31st, 2007, there was a New Year's celebration party at Dogs UNLEASHED! The doggies that attended this fun party were Maya, Kena, Snoopy, Rosie, Missy, Tyler, and Caffrey.

The party started out with a DELICIOUS dinner at one of the Dogs UNLEASHED! resorts. There, before everydoggy began diggin' in, we went around the table saying each doggy's resolution fur 2008.

Caffrey started out: "My New Year's Resolution is to meet lots more Dogster pups who live in the UK "

Then, it was Tyler's turn: "My New Years Resolution: To do alot more sunbathing then last year"

Maya: "My New Year's Resolution: To try to stop barking at big dogs."

Snoopy said: "New Years Goal: To get over 400 pallies on Dogster"

Missy said: "My New Years Resolution: To try and listen to mum more" , and then she blushed slightly.

Rosie said: "New Years Resolution: To stop growling at everydog that passes my way!"

Kena said: "Mine's kinda like Rosie's, my New Year's Resolution: To try to stop growling at my sister so much."

After the dinner, everydoggy just sat around and talked fur a while, taking it easy and relaxing after the filling meal. Then, the time everydoggy was waiting fur arrived; it was almost midnight!! All the doggies gathered round and smiled fur the camera as the clock stroke 12:00. The picture turned out great!!

Everydoggy barked and howled with joy at the start of a new year! Woohoo!!

Suddenly, loud noises were heard outside the window. Maya looked out and barked: "Fireworks!". No doggy really liked fireworks; they were way too loud! But they thought they would go out fur a little experience the full New Year's celebration. They all went out and their mouths dropped open.

The fireworks were beautiful!!! All the doggies just sat there and gazed up at the sky. But after a few minutes, when they snapped back into the real world, their ears began hurting a little from all the racket. So they went inside.

"That was pawsome!!" exclaimed Rosie.

"Next time, maybe we can each bring earmuffs or something to block the sound out, and that way, we can look at the fireworks fur a longer time, taking in the beauty of them." suggested Caffrey.

Everyone agreed on doing just that fur the next party with fireworks.

Everydoggy soon started yawning, and nobody could blame them, they had stayed up VERY late. So the party came to an end... a happy end. All the doggies left with smiles on their faces and couldn't wait till the next get-together!



Sassy Kat said...

I am trying to find Maya and Kena. I cannot get into your blog. It won't download the whole thing. There is no posts for me to read????? I don't want ya to think that I haven't visited ya, I have been tryin. Head on over to Opus and Roscoe's place, I have their link on my blog, they are on another adventure.